Wednesday, 5 December 2007

first week back for xmas

back for xmas and its nice and cold. (bumped into annie lennox at the airport,who seemed well and happy and just back from the mandela thing in south africa. )going to electro gogo thurs night to see my old friend pam Hogg perform and catch up with some old friends, then its Beth Ortons party on friday night and I'm seeing Blondelle at the barfly sat night. (note to self- pace yourself!)
as from yesterday i've got a platinum Phil Oakey cut courtesy of Donald (thankyou babe) . today I went for a walk on the heath with an old friend. Beautiful if rainy. jetlagged nights have been spent watching interviews with the fabulous Gore Vidal on youtube (how great is youtube?) Everyone should listen what that most erudite of social and poitical pundits has to say. Would like to get one of his history books for xmas.i might learn something. Also been tittering at the mommy dearest /mamma mia edit available for viewing on the same site.a sick camp classic! watched an amazing rare british 60's film called the pumpkin eaters the other night. starring anne bancroft and peter finch and written by harold pinter. sheer genius.
bought 7' of smokey robinson's "just my soul responding " on the internet . it arrived this week so Ive been swooning daily to it. (Smokey is Dylans favourite american poet and definitely one of mine) .so good to have that record in my life and the b side "sweet harmony" is his loving farewell to the miracles. mmm. sounds like honey.
last but not least, i went out for a bit of retail therapy and bought some bits from kate mosses top shop range. some nice stuff and easy on the purse.
just talked to richard who does this site and he will be adding more downloads in the near future! happy xmas